A New Beginning

March 20, 2017--Today, like every other day, is a new beginning. Today is the launch of this website, a day when my work becomes available for the worldwide web to see. It is a day of excitement and nervousness, a day when the world can criticize you, love you or ignore you. It truly is a new beginning.

Today also marks the beginning of something that has been a long time coming. “Someday” was my standard mantra of when I would finally launch a website. By hanging on to “someday” I could simply dream of how good it could be, realizing how vulnerable I would be making myself. I could stay in the safety of the cocoon and dream of spreading my wings. With much encouragement it was finally decided that “someday” had to have a date on the calendar.  

If it wasn’t for the steadfast love and encouragement of my wife this day may have never materialized. She is such a wonderful blessing to my life. My gratitude toward her truly is boundless.

Even with all the dreams, encouragement and determination to get out there on the web, it would have never happened without someone to make Oklahomamasterwoodright.com a reality. The reality maker is someone I have known for many years, although she never tried to sell me her web services. 

Over the years, she answered questions and educated me. Finally, I asked her if she would lend her web skills to Oklahoma Master Woodwright, and she did. Although Bonnie is known around the world for her expertise in underwater photography (check out her website at http://underwatercolours.com) she designed, built and hosts http://oklahomamasterwoodwright.com.