Tablet Stand

Your tablet stand has a wipe-on finish of tung oil and varnish. It should be cleaned and maintained like any other high-quality wood product. With common-sense care, your Oklahoma Master Woodwright tablet stand will outlast your tablet.

  • Keep your Oklahoma Master Woodwright tablet stand out of direct sunlight. 
  • Clean and dust with a non-buildup dusting product. If a cleaner is required, use a damp (not soggy or wet) clean cloth with mild mixture of soap and water. 
  • Remove residual soap with a cloth dampened with clean water. 
  • Use a clean cloth to dry and buff the tablet stand immediately after cleaning. 
  • Do not leave in hot or cold car. Store your stand in a climate-controlled space. 


At Oklahoma Master Woodwright, we want your return business. Not for something to be replaced, but because what we make is irreplaceable.