Box 1Oklahoma Master Woodwright chests and boxes are finished with the most durable product available: a clear coat of polyurethane (often with multiple coats). Regardless, your chest will require proper care to maintain its brand-new look for years to come.

  • Keep your Oklahoma Master Woodwright chest out of direct sunlight. 
  • Keep your Oklahoma Master Woodwright chest in a climate and humidity-controlled space. Your furniture was built and finished to reside indoors, not in a garage, open porch or attic. Extreme temperature changes can damage your box or chest. If humidity levels in your home are low in the winter, consider using a humidifier to protect your wood items. 
  • Clean and dust with a non-buildup dusting material. If a cleaner is required, use a damp (not soggy or wet) clean cloth with a mild mixture of soap and water. Remove residual soap with a cloth dampened with clean water. Use a clean cloth to dry and buff the chest immediately after cleaning. 
  • Watch out for pets who may “mark” your furniture. This can cause permanent damage to the finish. 
  • Use vacuum attachments to clean around chests and boxes. Vacuum cleaners can cause scratches in the wood if they rub against the piece.
  • Mops and other floor cleaning tools may leave water and moisture on furniture. If moisture gets on or under the chest, wipe it up immediately with a clean dry cloth. Not doing so can damage wood products.